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goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, Goldsmith workshop in Bergamo

A goldsmith workshop in Bergamo

For over 40 years DAVERIO1933 has been designing and creating unique and original jewels in the goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, in the city center. This is where the creations by Luca Daverio are born, an expert jewelery designer who continues the family tradition that began in the 30s with his father Franco, an eclectic artist, and is carried forward today together with his son Pablo, the third generation of the Daverio family.

goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, Goldsmith workshop in Bergamo

The history of the DAVERIO ATELIER

It all starts way back in 1933, when Franco Daverio, at the time a boy of only 16, began to create his first "jewel-sculptures" while attending the School of Applied Arts in Cantù.
Although still very young, Franco immediately showed his great skills in working metals with ancient techniques such as embossing and chiselling, which he used to make sculptures and jewelery in copper, silver and gold. In his works Franco Daverio represents instinctive and emotional images, which make him known in the art world, where he soon becomes known and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

In the 80s, his son Luca learned from his father the techniques of manufacturing jewels and gave life to his creations, which rework Franco's style in a modern and innovative key. Luca opens the first shop and a goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, where she creates her jewels entirely by hand, such as the Sculptors of Jewel collection. Subsequently, together with other goldsmiths, he will create the jewels signed by Luca Daverio, such as the Heritage collection. A few years later, the goldsmith forge of the DAVERIO1933 brand moved to Valenza, where Luca still makes his creations, in collaboration with the best Italian goldsmiths and with the support of cutting-edge technologies.

Our goldsmith workshop in Bergamo

Here we still make some of the DAVERIO1933 collections, such as Fancy Color & Beads, composed mostly of bead-cut sapphires strung on gold chains, e Heritage, now offered in pink gold.

In our goldsmith workshop in Bergamo we also continue to carry out the additional processes on our jewels, such as the knurling and engravings, or the sizing of the rings. Often customers also entrust us with their family jewels to restore them to new by cleaning the metal and stones: often a few days and a few tens of euros are enough to bring the gold back to its original color, polish it and return the stones to their original their luster.

The laboratory in Valencia

goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, Goldsmith workshop in Bergamo

The most important processes of DAVERIO1933 jewels take place in the laboratory in Valencia. The goldsmith tradition of the Piedmontese city was born around the mid-1800s and has led Valenza to become known throughout the world as the center of Made in Italy jewellery. The most well-known Italian brands of international renown, such as Damiani and Bulgari, have their headquarters in the gold district of Valenza, and Cartier will also arrive from 2023.

Even the DAVERIO1933 collections are born in the Valencia laboratory, the true headquarters of the brand together with the showroom and the goldsmith workshop in Bergamo. Here, thanks to expert goldsmiths, the model of the jewel is worked from 3D printing in resin to the cast piece in metal, using cutting-edge technologies in the field of goldsmithing. An example of this is the special machine that allows stones to be set under a microscope, a technique that was also used by Luca Daverio for the creations of his collection ForEverHugMe. The titanium processing for the collection, almost unique in Italy, also takes place in the Valenza laboratory Sidereum. Another innovative tool is the laser welding machine, which allows very precise processing and is also used for repairs.

goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, Goldsmith workshop in Bergamo

The goldsmith workshop in Bergamo for your personalized jewels

The DAVERIO1933 atelier is also the place where our custom-made jewels are born, made by Luca and Pablo Daverio starting from the customer's idea and wishes. In recent years there has been a growing interest in personalized jewellery, which allows for the creation of a unique jewel, made to measure for the person who will wear it. The customer thus becomes the protagonist of the creation of the jewel together with the designers and can choose the shape, the metals, the precious stones. He will then be able to see a 3D model before proceeding to the final realization.

In our goldsmith workshop in Bergamo we also customize the jewels of the DAVERIO1933 collections: in this case, the customer can choose stones of a different type or color or a particular metal processing, such as chiselling or knurling.

goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, Goldsmith workshop in Bergamo


DAVERIO1933 jewels are above all original creations, the result of an artisanal experience and passion and of an artistic competence matured over decades. This solid tradition is combined with an interest in new technologies that allow for ever more perfecting of the manufacturing techniques and creation of jewels.
In goldsmith workshop in Bergamo we give life to our collections starting from 3D design, which allows us to create a realistic model of the jewel. On the basis of the 3D project we then create the resin models which become the basis for the processing of the jewels.


The DAVERIO1933 jewelery shop is a historic shop in Bergamo

Our goldsmith workshop in Bergamo is based in the DAVERIO1933 Jewelery shop, awarded in December 2022 as historic shop in the province of Bergamo for having reached 40 years of activity. The award was assigned to a total of 56 historic establishments, shops and businesses in Bergamo and its province.

Read the news of prizegiving on the Lombardy Region website.

goldsmith workshop in Bergamo, Goldsmith workshop in Bergamo