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Sculptors of Jewel jewels, Sculptors of Jewel jewels

Sculptors of Jewel

An artisan tradition that dates back to 1933, perpetuated over the decades with passion and competence. Tools and processing methods tested over the centuries for jewels still made entirely and carefully by hand. Each jewel, a unique piece, is designed and made in the goldsmith's workshop and is the object of scrupulous attention in the individual phases of the execution. Everything is followed with extreme care, from the choice of precious stones, selected and set by expert gemologists, to the last meticulous finishing touches, also performed, like every other step, entirely by hand. Now the creations reach the originality and uniqueness of authentic works of art and respond to the multiple needs of different personalities and occasions, from simple jewelery suitable for every moment of the day to that of a more elegant and refined tone, to emphasize the most extraordinary events of a lifetime.