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It all started in 1933 from the hands of Franco, who in that year sculpted his first jewels.

“The sources of Franco Daverio sink into the Italian twentieth century, in that tradition of making sculpture that he knew how to look at

to the history of art as the source of narrative themes ”so Fausto Melotti expressed himself on his work.


A vocation for beauty that began in the early decades of the 900th century and has continued with the same passion for three generations.

Art and craftsmanship, the tradition of centuries-old techniques combined with the innovation of the most modern technologies

characterize the production of the DAVERIO1933 brand.

Daverio1933, Daverio1933

Brooch chiseled in copper by Franco Daverio in 1933

On his early debut Franco illustrates the prestigious cover of the magazine 

“Il Milione” gallery where he exhibits some drawings also admired by Le Corbusier

who said “the most beautiful and interesting things of my trip, I have

recognized in the drawings of this young man ".

Daverio1933, Daverio1933

Wood sculpture, Franco Daverio

Franco sculpted his works by transforming an artifact into a work of art,

jewel and sculpture without borders together.


Luca begins his goldsmith experience in his father's workshop,

dedicating himself to the creation of innovative and original jewelery and making jewelery

with the unmistakable style that distinguishes them today.

Daverio1933, Daverio1933

Bracelet made of gold and diamonds chiseled by Luca Daverio

The collections are transformed from large pendants and bracelets to the slave as sculptures,

to objects smaller in size created and embellished with stones

and small friezes, chisels like embroidery. 

Refined light and dark compositions with matt-glossy effects to characterize and enhance the new creations.

Along with influences and quotes from our sculptural tradition, they make an appearance

collections with a minimal effect, necklaces and earrings with pearls

and small rough diamonds, jewels with inserts of diamonds set to give contrast

and creations conceived with material materials such as wood combined with the warmth of pink gold.

Daverio1933, Daverio1933

Ring from the “Pure Black” collection, Luca Daverio

A line is born with reinterpreted jewelery classics, frames

for original and unusual solitaire diamonds, new chromatic combinations

thanks to innovative finishes in gold coloring and use

of black diamond and fancy-color diamonds.

Daverio1933, Daverio1933

Ring from the “Ad Astra” collection, Pablo Daverio

The same art school characterizes all the creations of Pablo, the third generation,

which inherits the inspiring principle creating with originality and emotionality

unique pieces produced in the company's laboratory.

Staying true to the corporate philosophy of freedom of expression,

the features of the collections take on an even more innovative character by inserting

freshness and novelty to the company. Unique lines and combinations always in the mark

of originality, the use of stones with great sensitivity and delicacy

new life for our artistic tradition, not for marketing but for passion.

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