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jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo

Daverio1933 jewelery in Bergamo

La DAVERIO1933 jewelery in Bergamo is a space dedicated to the goldsmith's art: it is here that we have been studying and creating jewels with our brand for over 40 years. They are unique creations, sculpture-jewels with a material flavor that arise from the strong artistic tradition of the Daverio family. Starting from the 80s, in fact, Luca, jewel artist and founder of the brand, he designs the first jewels with his father Franco, sculptor and eclectic artist, from whom he learns and inherits the techniques of ancient wisdom and freedom of expression. A unique experience that still today characterizes the creations of the designers of the DAVERIO1933 brand.

The Daverio family, jewel craftsmen for 90 years

“Ever since he was my pupil as a boy, he managed to engrave a lyrical tension in his drawings that no one could have given or taught him. Since then Daverio's temperament has responded with magnificent lyrical surges testifying to how authentic his way of interpreting reality is. (Fausto Melotti, 1966)

With these words the sculptor and artist Fausto Melotti defined the personality and the work of Franco Daverio, his student at art school in the 30s. In 1933, at the age of just 16, Franco was already beginning to create his first copper jewels, immediately showing great skills in the use of the ancient techniques of embossing and chiselling, which made him a well-known and appreciated artist in Italy and worldwide. abroad.

Franco will then pass on his passion and his mastery to his son Luca, who will thus begin his journey as sculptor of jewels. Some of Franco and Luca Daverio's works are exhibited in ours jewelry store in Bergamo.

jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo
jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo

Laboratory in Valencia, jewelery in Bergamo and online shop

Luke Daverio opens its first showroom in 1982, with the jewels-sculptures of its first collection "Heritage”, a series of hand-chiseled gold creations, with a unique and unmistakable style.
Thus was born the brand DAVERIO1933 and the jewelry store in Bergamo therefore it becomes a point of reference for lovers of artistic jewellery. Since the 90s Luca Daverio has made his creations known in other Italian locations and then also abroad.
Today the DAVERIO1933 brand designs high jewelery collections in collaboration with the best goldsmith masters in the world laboratory in Valencia where Luca and Pablo, the third generation of the Daverio family, manage their own projects.
Their creations start from the design of the jewel to the 3D design and implementation, always with a expertise artisan fruit of the expertise and experience acquired over decades of activity.

jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo

The Daverio1933 jewelery collections

The unique DAVERIO1933 jewels are available in our jewelry store in Bergamo e on our shop online.

Daverio1933 diamond jewellery

jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo

We make Timeless jewels they include timeless jewels such as solitaire rings, diamond rings, wedding rings, tennis bracelets, pendants and light point earrings. They are accompanied by the best gemological certificates and our guarantee certificate, which is delivered at the time of purchase in our store jewelry store in Bergamo. The certificate is also available for customers who prefer to purchase our jewels in the online shop: in this case the guarantee document can be personalized during check-out with the name of the person for whom the jewel is intended.

Invest with us in certified diamonds

In addition to the jewels of the DAVERIO1933 collections, we offer our customers a qualified offer of diamonds and investment stones, guaranteed by the experience and professionalism of the gemological laboratory. We also carry out asset valuations and appraisals in safety deposit boxes.

If you want to know more, make an appointment with us in our jewelry store in Bergamo, in the city center.

jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo
jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo

Some of the certificates issued by the best gemological institutes with which the DAVERIO1933 jewelery accompanies its diamond jewels.

The DAVERIO1933 jewelery shop is a historic shop in Bergamo

Our jewelry store was awarded in December 2022 as historic shop in the province of Bergamo for having reached 40 years of activity. The award was assigned to a total of 56 historic establishments, shops and businesses in Bergamo and its province.

jewelry store in Bergamo, Gioielleria Daverio1933 in Bergamo